Tanner Bowman


I am interested in the connections between art and design and consider myself a flexible person in general. More recently I have been focussing on designing objects that utilize techniques and materials that are common to the American Craft Movement. I have always made my work in the domestic spaces I inhabit and am fascinated by the history of hobby crafting and its relationship to functional art. I enjoy working with familiar and physical materials that are collected over time and prototyping my ideas, even the bad ones.

We are constantly rehearsing.  

I experiment with comfort and discomfort both physically and psychologically. I believe that it is important to experience unfamiliar situations in order to question my understanding of the world. It is incredibly enlightening to learn, travel, and gain new perspectives. I try to be fearless to failure and the unknown.

I source my life from beauty that surrounds me.

I am most content when I am making art, researching, and learning new processes. I use my domestic space as a source of inspiration and site for manufacturing, and generally start by conceptualizing objects that I would personally like to live with.  I enjoy blurring the lines between work and leisure and view my life as a complicated performance that has been informed by billions of choices. 

We are always working, surviving, and creating.

My work is often a tedious process that takes many hours to complete, pushing meditative craftsmanship. I consider myself an anti-industrial designer and believe that the most valuable object is one which a person can witness the emotional labor the maker put into it.

We all share a unique perspective. 

I live and work in Chicago, IL. and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. I have had the honor of showing my work at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan, Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Tent/SuperBrands in London, and Typeforce 7 and The Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago IL. 

I want to be my own. 
I want to do anything I want to.

Not bound by tradition but informed.

The dream of being free.
The freedom of loving.



Feel free to contact me if you feel inclined. I am always interested in talking to people about my work, collaborating, and am open to studio visits.

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Press and other inquires can be dirrected to TannerJBowman@gmail.com