1.) Porcelain Water Pipe (2014)

Porcelain, Glass, Cork

Ceci n'est pas une bong?

Examining how material destiny transforms an object's status by questioning the relationship between ephemera, memorabilia, and paraphernalia.

2.) Ceramic Tivo Dong (2014)

Stoneware, Custom Plaster Pillow

Petite Mort...

Using the back of a Tivo remote as form and inspiration for a totemic sex toy.

3.) Porcelain Penis (2014)


C'est L'amour'

Place this on your coffee table to liven up your living room.

4.) Truth and Dare (2015) 


Un malheur ne vient jamais seul

 “Truth” and “Dare” are two failed ceramic butt plugs that warn of the dangers associated with overexertion of the rectal muscle.

5.) Couples Plug Kit (2014)

Porcelain and Gold Luster


For the couple who share an affinity for "Butt Stuff" 

6.) Spitting Image (2015)

Stoneware and Mirrored Window Tint

pas de place pour cracher mais son visage 

A mirror that spits a distorted image back at its viewer.

7.) Surprise Planter (2014)


l'échec est inévitable

The first bowl I ever threw on a wheel. It is very uneven and messily glazed. Somehow, in the firing process, Anita Su's cup precariously attached itself to the edge.