Primary Comfort 


85% Wool, 25% Alpaca, Foam

A body pillow that constructs a physical comfort zone. 

Tested and installed at the A-Z West Wagon Station Encampment in Joshua Tree California as a part of Thing Lab 2014.

When presented with the opportunity to take host in a wagon station, I felt excitement; both curiosity and anxiety. Admittedly a bed snob, I've always been sensitive to my sleeping conditions. Since my childhood I have had dreams of a body pillow that engulfs me and soothes my anxieties. Primary Comfort is the actualization of these subconscious desires. Made from knit alpaca and wool blend yarn and filled with foam balls, it is soft, plush, and holds body heat. The rolled collar sleeves allow the user to more precisely adjust the form and color pattern. Its intestinal length may either flow freely as a strand, be pulled through the collars, or be knotted to create forms that aid in bedtime activities from sleep to illness and sex.

Primary Comfort served as an architectural space; a physical comfort zone for me to become accustomed to in Chicago before traveling to Joshua Tree and inhabiting my wagon station. In the spirit of former artistic customizations of the wagon stations, I felt the urge to treat the space as if it was my bedroom; bringing my duvet, sheets, and various articles of inspiration in order to claim the space as my own. Instead of allowing the space to churn claustrophobic fears, my wagon station became a safe haven: a womb, room, and shelter. While highly personal, Primary Comfort strives to also be a universal object for all to use and experience collectively.   

Thank you to Andrea Zittel, Dan Price, Tim Parsons, and William and Stephanie Sick for all of the support and generosity. Another thanks to all of my classmates from Thinglab for all of the invaluable feedback and help. Juan Aguilar, Selva Aparicio, Eli Bensusan, Christopher Buchakjian, Meredith DonellyEugene Maltez, Vincent Martin, Jack Schneider. Finally, thank you to Amy Honchell and Rana Siegel for their logistical support which made all of this happen.  

"Primary Comfort" Installed in the "Attachments" design exhibition. June-July 2014

"Primary Comfort" Installed in the "Attachments" design exhibition. June-July 2014

Photo album from the gallery installation: