Too Soft


Too Soft is the evolving story and film of a man who becomes obsessed with and dependent upon microfiber material. 

It is a cautionary tale about the slippery slope of comfort and consumerism. 

For the past few years I have been developing a screenplay called "Too Soft" while simultaneously filming it in non-linear chunks. My plan is to make the film over the next 10-15 years.The video below is footage that I have already captured for the film.


I already owe a huge amount of thanks to many people for their help with this project:

Kent, Ann, Connor, and John Bowman- Thank you for giving me Lake Powell. I will always remember to take what the lake gives me. 

Reilly Drew- for supporting and encouraging my ideas and for the help and knowledge with video.

Tewosret Vaughn- for teaching me so much about nature and mankind.

Lisa Norton- for the encouragement to question comfort and befriend failure. 

...and all of my friends who give me so much inspiration and support.